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13 hours ago, CanAffordWontPay said:

Harley has been losing money for years. They are essentially a marketing brand which happens to sell motorcycles... selling motorbikes to a diminishing sector of society.

Simply, their machines are over priced and nowhere near as reliable as the Japanese competition. Most importantly, they lack the performance of their counterparts. Further, the quality of the build is sketchy... yes, those made in USA. Poor finish & paint, cheap components, and technology well behind the times. They are built like tractors for over-weight Yanks to putt-putt along on straight roads and short distances. The romance of them brought about by the 60's era B-movies and big box films like T2, or television like the SoA isn't enough bring them back.

Going to some Harley branded event is  macabre as well... bunch of old out of shape men and their chubby, haggered women mincing about in leathers and 'club' vests... trying to look like toughs. It's actually quite homo-erotic like the Lemon party in chaps. In fact, these Harley events have a second show... the one just outside the event where auld 'yins have bike toting trailers stored as their physically incapable of riding more than 50 miles physically.

I've got a Triumph just now... wanted to see what it was all about... ok for performance but awful in aftermarket... so am going back to German or Japanese again. I would never buy a Harley. I've hired one and thought it sounded cool, but handled like riding a 1950's era refrigerator and showered sparks of chrome/steel from the pipes and running boards as I cornered. 

This is what Harley is all about now ^. Enjoy.

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12 hours ago, smash said:

Who's going to want to buy a Harley Davidson made in Thailand? Sure, some Ducati's are made there I believe and even some Triumph's?(can't remember on that). Still, an HD is a different thing.

Some might, many might.....so much is now made all over the world.... not in the original country of manufacturer or origin....people care that they can still buy it if they want it, they care about brand names, they care about price/value for money, some will care about where made, all things being equal.......good for the secondhand markets USP.;)

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