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Desperate / Greedy Landlords Supporting Criminals to Protect BTL HMo's

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I have an anecdote from a solid source about a landlord with 10+ properties in a depressed part of NW uk.

The landlord is not too fussy about who they let Hmo rooms to, and let a room to a person with a history of class A drug use.

This tenant has built up substantial rent arrears of several months. 

It's alleged that the tenant has started dealing class a drugs from the property, the police became aware, used surveillance and were shortly to raid the tenants room.

However, the landlord heard of it and allegedly warned the tenant of the raid. They did this to protect the reputation of the HMO, so not to damage its rentability. Rents were often paid as HB by councils.

It is also suspected they did it so they had more time to get some of the rent arrears back from the tenant.

The landlord has a history of 'playing down ' drug related / criminal incidents in their properties. The landlord is believed to be struggling to sell these HMO's due to the rough area / low yield. Though they may be pleading poverty to hide greed

Other tenants in the house are outraged as they have to put up with the alleged drug dealers antics & visitors

I wonder  how  much of this goes on?  They have wasted the police resources & tax payer money on surveillance, has the landlord committed an offence ?


Mods, feel free to move this to anecdotals after a while. But I think its an important subject   



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