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broken sales cost £400m

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If a business spent money advertising something that nobody wanted to buy at the price they set that's called the real world without the pathetic whinging.

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1 hour ago, spyguy said:


Same story,. different spin on the BBC.

OK .... the thing wrong with UK housing is the buyers ....


Christ, just listened to drive

l on R4 Today about fake news and that sort of stuff.

Then they run this blatant, insane bit of propaganda.

The BBC? Half of them work for MI5 and the other half wish they did.


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Well my real life experience cost me approx £500 (as the seller) after the buyer withdrew at the exchange of contracts.  He paid for a survey.  I paid over £100 to a management company for a "seller's pack" then costs for buying the next place which were for local authority searches etc (can't remember exactly but I totted it up at the time).  This was for selling the cheapest 2-bed terrace which I'd bought as new and on an estate hence the cost of "seller's pack" which was a total rip-off.

As the sale didn't go through and the chain collapsed I stayed put in the end.

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