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A mass of streamers

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Ok so bear with me. I was just looking at something to cover the various streaming services I use. It seems very difficult to get it down to one streaming device. There are workarounds normally around casting or mirroring devices , and or forcing apps to places they shouldn’t be. 

What does everyone else do ? Use a windows laptop or pc ? I am leaning towards the Intel compute stick. It’s expensive for an intel atom based unit.

Nowtv - not available on Amazon  firetv . Available on PS4 (maybe Xbox), assume available on win 10 (stream to other devices)

Btsport - Not available on PS4, not on Appletv?, available on Win10. Not generally available on Firetv but can be sideloaded. 

Youtube app - now not available on the firetv (workaround exists). Available on most others. 

Netflix - I have no idea! 

BBC iPlayer - everywhere ?

ITV player - not sure 

Amazon prime - win 10 app, web available, PS4 

Google play movies - not available on Firetv. Can be side loaded and forced on.

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