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Luvin' it

Just got a leaflet pushed through my door from one of the BMV..."we'll buy your home and rent it back to you" brigade


"It's a fact, that following the 'house price boom' the property market locally has suffered a slump recently"

Really!!! tell me more

"This means it takes much longer than before for you to find that elusive buyer"

Surely not...the housing market is booming, isn't it?

"The average time taken to sell a property, now in your area is 5 months"

Five months.....why? Tell me

Because one in three agreed sales collpase

Luvin it....they are pushing these through the doors all over my area. Can you imagine what OO's trying to sell their homes are thinking when they get this through the door.

If HPC pushed leafltets like this we would be accused of 'insider trading', scaremongering and talking down the market.

But we don't need to because those kind property developers are doing it for us


Keep up the good work


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