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Government champions innovation in bid to build well-designed homes

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It's comical how feeble the content on that government link is:

1. £1bn of loans from the government, repayable with interest, to build pre-fabs. Once upon a time we had a finance sector which would have loaned on construction projects, where are they? Oh yeah, lending like crazy on existing property and drafting their next begging letter to the Treasury for when it all inevitably goes wrong.

2. 'Urging' councils to consider design quality in their local planning policy. They already can and do, so is this even a policy?

3. Virtual Reality to overcome NIMBY objections. Lolz.

This is the big housing vision from the Tories? Bye bye.

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You don't need to innovate to build well-designed homes. There are plenty of them around already, just not new ones. You just need to not be cheap and nasty.

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4 hours ago, crazypabs said:


blow me, if they championed a bid to ensure current cr@ppy new builds i would be so much happier.

That's friggin hilarious.

We have a giant massive crisis in housing that is impoverishing millions to tens of millions of people, and that is the best they can come out with?   Where is the marshaling of the full resources of the state to solve the problem, which is exactly what it should be doing?   But we all know the answer, the conservatives are bought and owned by those benefiting from pricing the next generation out of the home ownership, which is why they come out with do-nothing crap like this.

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Recent article on BBC about co-living...there are a few sensible voices at the end but the thrust is that the younger cohort have to lower their expectations and forget living a life anything like their parents lived.  Suck it up and pay up.  Live essentially in a student hall well into middle age...progress.


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