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More proof, as if it was needed, that HMRC are part of a venal Establishment

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It very much seems like to me that one of the HMRC proles got orders from above not to investigate because of Lycamobiles donations to the Tory party, and got told to craft a suitable excuse letter for the French.   That person whoever it was, actually having some morals, then decided to sabotage it all.

.....or it could just be plain old incompetence that they put it in a letter.

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10 hours ago, Freezer? Best place for it said:

It takes it from Incompetent to criminally bent.

Looking that way to me. 

The fact we have always lived in a 2-tier society where rules and enforcement are targeted at the 99% to the benefit of the elite is starting to become more openly apparent.

When a group of politicians with any clout will break ranks and start running on an anti-corruption, anti-influence peddling, anti-tax evasion ticket is anybody's guess though.

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