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“From next month, the average borrower living outside London will owe the government £652 over a year, with the figure rising to £788 by 2023, according to analysis by the Resolution Foundation. For those in London, the average fee will be £927 for the year beginning next month, rising to £1,121 by 2023.”


It isn’t much though £55 per month rising gradually to £65 per month (outside London) over 5 years.  Renters often get a rent rise every year and have to budget for it.  Although the HTBers may well be hit by interest rate rises too.

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20 minutes ago, afly said:

Punch through the paywall http://facebook.com/l.php?u=https://www.ft.com/content/633f5bc4-1e2b-11e8-956a-43db76e69936

My wifes' work colleague bought with HTB even though she had the cash to buy the whole thing outright

Tax money well invested there :rolleyes:

Until Neverwhere educated me on HTB earlier today I thought it was daft to use HTB but it turns out that if the house price goes down you may be able to walk away from the HTB equity loan with no penalty.  If you haven’t seen it there is a really informative thread.

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