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When does a UK Housing Crisis Become a Housing Disaster ?

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Looking at the bigger picture society only works by interdependence, no society will be successful on their own, it needs others to make them successful...the problem being happy to take but once got not prepared to share..... fearful that what have got will be taken away, far too busy trying to protect it, others sometimes  looked on as a threat, even though it is the others that have made us who we are......both give and take.

The balance is when we all benefit from the changes....not just the few.?

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1 hour ago, happyguy said:

Any sensible govt would not have allowed uncontrolled immigration from Africa and Asia as the Blair govt did which added to 3 m EU migrants has put enormous pressure on house prices and rents. yet still so many of the snowflake generation want to be in the EU- turkey voting for xmas. 

No govt gets it all right or all wrong. Even though some would not accept that. 

The increasing level of automation and AI will do far more to cause poverty and unemployment - jobs are being lost every week now to it but this does not get reported.  

Agree 100% but the snowflake generation think you are a mad racist if you dare to point out the obvious truth.  

do you feel hopeful for the future 

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22 hours ago, nothernsoul said:

I also think it can be traced back to 1999, the effects of globalisation  and  weaknesses of the uk economy. Tony blair opens up uk labour market to european workers without transitional arrangements, to boost a deindustrialised economy with motivated but cheap eastern european labour.  At the same time, debt is used to compensate for lack of wage growth, leading to asset inflation(houses). Those who make most money do so from property speculation or rent seeking behaviour. 

Problem is, as the government knows too well, the show can only stay on the road with overly cheap abundant debt. 

Who long before the shit hits the fan?

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