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heres all you need to know about its popularity, i think it might be for twinks, snowflakes and other bbc type liberals/broke millenials.


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Created: about 2 months ago
by BBC Money

This is a UK Facebook group for anyone who is worried about money. From tuition fees, paying off your student loan, to finding a job, travelling to work, renting and saving for your first home - this is a space where you can share your experiences. We want this community to be one where you can feel comfortable and talk to like-minded people and you should note that BBC News is not offering individual financial advice. We take care to make sure members are kind and respectful to each other. Please do not use this group to name and shame people, or share what you see here outside of the group. Respect members' privacy as you would want them to respect yours! We will monitor the group to make sure no-one spams it with advertising or offers financial products – you will be banned from the page if you do. We will take action if members abuse or intimidate others in this group. Although we do our best to ensure that anyone joining is genuine we cannot vet members. We cannot be responsible for any contact you may have with each other away from the group. If you have concerns about anyone or anything posted here please contact the admins. At times, we might ask you more about your experiences - and, on occasions, this could lead to stories. However, we will never share or publish anything without your consent. Please read the Facebook Community standards on respectful behaviour for more information: https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards

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i could report the page;

Help us understand what's happening

What's wrong with this group?

  • It's harassing me

  • It's harassing a friend

  • Sexually explicit content

  • Spam or a scam

  • Violence or harmful behaviour

  • Hate speech

  • It's for selling drugs, guns or other regulated goods

I think it's an unauthorised use of my intellectual property

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