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Coconut Explodes in Blazing Coffin


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23 hours ago, Bossybabe said:

A bit like pacemakers in the crematorium. 

On the NMR/I rooms where I have worked, there has always been a neat little sign saying "no pacemakers or credit cards". I had initially thought that was just being cautious, but then we were shown some photos of a (then) recent bit of repair work. A handyman had come into the lab to do some minor repairs unrelated to the machines, and had put down his tool box nearby. Meanwhile, someone had switched on the NMRI, and the heavy box of tools had skated across the floor, jumped up to the magnet at the bottom of the machine, and crumpled up like a concertina. I didn't take any bank cards in after seeing that.

I assume the warning about crematoria applies to the user, rather than bystanders?

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