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Why is landlord doing this?

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Just vacated property and deposit is in dispute. As per our tenancy agreement we should pay for check out inventory report. 

Landlord sent schedule of damages and included cost of the report to be paid by us.

Shortly after he resent the schedule and removed the charge for the inventory report saying he’d cover the cost of this.

Any ideas why he’d offer this as it definitely isn’t out of the goodness of his heart as he’s being really difficult in other respects.

Does him paying for report put us in a weaker position somehow when disputing the deposit deductions?


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3 hours ago, RentingForever said:

Because it's fraud, the check out hasn't actually been done, and he's made up the list of damages himself?

The report was definitely done and I met the inventory clerk and have received a copy of the report. 

I suspect he may have spoken to inventory clerk prior to its issue though and may well have influenced them. Obviously can’t prove this.

The landlord sent me the report rather than direct from the inventory clerk, is that normal practice?




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1 hour ago, Bankside said:

Have you obtained a copy of the inventory report? If not, can you ask?

Yes I’ve received it. Wondering if him paying means he owns the report rather than me and that will prejudice me in some way that I haven’t thought of. 


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What does it exactly say in your contract?

Perhaps its a double charging attempt by the agent? The Landlord has picked up on this and said they will pay and it makes them look like they have done you a favor. Not sure why a agent would not charge the Landlord and prefer to charge tenant?

Does not matter who pays for the report as I can work out, in this instance would it not be more important to note that you contest or accept the content of the report.

Always good idea to be present at a checkout in my opinion, take it you was not, due to your suspensions around the landlord influencing the inventory clerk.


Is it you contest the check in or the check out report? one must be wrong for there to be a dispute? other than subjective wear and tear?

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