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Rogue landlords making millions out of housing benefits


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‘Lockdown’ is a model that can make £56,000 a year from public funds. But the scandal goes on

Highly organised gangs of rogue landlords are making millions every year out of the housing benefit system by enticing desperate local authorities to place single homeless people in micro-flats in shoddily converted and dangerous former family homes.

Three-bed houses, where the maximum weekly housing benefit for flat-sharers is under £100 a person, are being converted into as many as six tiny self-contained studios – as little as 10 sq m in size. Each then qualifies for housing benefit of £181 a week, enabling a landlord to squeeze £56,000 a year in rent from a property on London’s fringes, all paid from public funds. The £56,000 compares with the typical £6,200 annual rent on a three-bed council house.

theguardian > more here...

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54 minutes ago, Bsmf said:

Surely just set minimum standards and solve it?

I often wonder if the complete lack of motivation to propose any sort of additional standards/regulations for homes and/or renter rights is driven by a fear of opening the flood gates to more power for the plebs? I mean, they might start asking themselves all sort of questions regarding the “system”.

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'Gary, who is 63, pays £980 for his room, which is mostly covered by his housing benefit.'

Cap HB at £500/m for a house. No extra for London.

Stipulate minimal room sizes.

Dont 'invite' ~12M low paid ,migrants to live mainly on benefits. i..e do not give benefits to non Brits at all. Legisdate that non Brits must earn 38K (single) 60k (family) before being allowed into the UK.

That'll fix 80% of the problems.


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7 minutes ago, fru-gal said:

Slightly off topic, but Labour MP Karen Buck's Fitness for Human Habitation Bill is about to get a second reading in Parliament on 19th January 2018 (Friday next). Lets hope it gets through to the next stage and is not filibustered by any Tory MPs.




Hmmm, I wonder what will happen??

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How convenient is this all for the governemnt and councils though, futher allowing them to brush so many issues to do with housing under the carpet.

I just wonder what the government would do if many of these people were living on the streets instead. 

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