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Are Estate Agents getting younger?


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I was in Maidenhead town centre the other morning. Lots of Estate Agents dominating an area of what seems to be one of the main streets. Full of very young trendy looking people, most of them look like they’ve just come out of school.

I know a couple of young school leavers with no direction who have recently become estate agents.

I would guess the pay isn’t that good these days, just lots of promise of commission.

As sales dry up, and commission with it, I’m sure there isn’t much labour available to bring in to Estate Agents, only young people with no prospects with the offer of big commissions?!?


Maidenhead is a funny place, absolute sh1t tip 1970s boxes in ruined condition with asking prices of circa 500k, purchased no doubt originally by working class people on fairly low incomes, being sold by young low paid people with no chance of ever being able to afford what they’re selling.


Looking at those prices, it’s the first time I’ve ever stood at a shop window laughing, much to the bemusement of the staff inside.

Suffice to say their shops were all empty.

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4 hours ago, LetsBuild said:

Are they ‘apprentices’? Would surprise me if struggling agents went that way to pay less than minimum wage.

Probsbly. I walk by an insurance place - shop with about 10 kids on thr phine. Id guess its some apprentice training scam.

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