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Woman PC Fired For Not Being PC


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A POLICEWOMAN has been sacked after she shared a vile racist Facebook post describing gypsies as "f***ing scumbags".

She (and the Sun) should of course have described them as f***ing travellers. 

Cadden shared CCTV footage purporting to show two women stealing a charity box, which said: "The two Romanian gypsies pelted with eggs yesterday are at it again, this time stealing a charity box." Beneath it, she wrote: "F***ing scumbags - Bring on Brexit."

A member of the public alerted the police to her private social media post.

A misconduct panel, led by independent chair Stephanie Beazley, said: "Her sharing was ill-judged, as were her comments."

"We have given very careful consideration as to whether public confidence in the police service can be restored and maintained if PC Cadden remains a police officer, and our view is that it cannot."

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