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I’ve either got some kind of Malware from HPC or the site has something wrong.

Whenever I open a thread a box comes up saying ‘Congratulations Google User, you’ve won an iPhone...’

Or Words to that effect. Basically this...


You can only click OK which then takes you to a site that you can’t navigate away from. 

Using iPhone and tried Firefox, Safari and Chrome. All the same problem but only on HPC. Uninstalled/reinstalled Firefox but no joy.

Turns out @LetsBuild is having the same problem. I suspect it could have something to do with the Dropbox link in the BTL Scum thread but obviously I have nothing definite.

Any Help much appreciated as now can only view in private mode which means logging in all the time.

Thank you @The Moderators if you can tell if it’s me or the site?



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