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LSL ACADATA HPI for November - Greater London -3%


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On 19/12/2017 at 1:10 PM, warrior88 said:

Seems like the only reliable index - Greater London down by 3% on annualised basis!

Link below:

http://www.acadata.co.uk/LSL Acadata E&W HPI News Release November 17.pdf

I think it's widely regarded as the most accurate index.London's fall is the canary in the proverbial.

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....3% fall is peanuts or chicken feed in comparison to what it has risen in recent years......lets talk ~2000 prices and debt undertaking and deposits of around that time....give people a chance to do what in the most part they once were very able to do....WITHOUT HELP.....MAKE WORK AND SAVINGS PAY. ;)


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14 hours ago, the_duke_of_hazzard said:

I live in Southwark (-17.9%) and I definitely don't see those falls where I live.

This looks like a BTL/new build holocaust to me.

That's the only problem with some of these boroughs ie the data set is very small and can be skewed by one or two biggish developments.

Edit to add:I have no knowledge of London Boroughs.

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