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Bruce Banner

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16 hours ago, Bruce Banner said:

I've got 6 full reels of that. More than enough to see me out :D.

I regret not stocking up, not that I use that much. I've got some non-cored lead-based solder (and you can still get that) for non-electrical stuff. Could be worse. I've also got some with quite a bit of cadmium in it. Nasty stuff that I avoid as much as possible.

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Ibuprofen for sporting aches and strains, but now limited to poxy blister packs.

I find Asprin and Paracetamol useless.


That said, I get round the blister pack rip off by stocking up at Walgreens when in the US. The last tub of 1000 lasted the household 4 years. Think it cost $30, which compares well against the cost 84 branded blister packs st £3 each.

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Plastic packaging. Okay, a bit previous, but you just know it's gonna happen.

Amused that Attenborough on "Blue Planet II" cited the biodegradability of modern plastics as the reason for plankton's ability to introduce man made polymers into the food chain. Shoulda stuck to the old "be around in 1000 years" stuff then?

PS: anyone see his risible "demonstration" of what carbonic acid can do to sea shells? Take one tank of water .Put in shells. Take some conc (hydrochloric?) acid. Add to tank. "look, they're dissolving. Horror!" Stupid doesn't cover it. So much respect for David OM, CH, CVO, CBE, FRS, FLS, FZS, FSA Attenborough up to that point. Now I wonder what they teach in Cambridge Geology / Zoology courses. Here's what even those who are concerned say:


Right. So not exactly your silly frothing then Dave?


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