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House for sale: only problem is the neighbours own half your bedroom

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What the hell are you actually paying for when you engage a conveyancer? I thought identiying this kind of error whas the whole point.  If all they are going to do is rubber stamp builders' forms it hardly seems worth even having them in the loop.

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I see - you mean the previous solicitor(s) involved.

Granted it should have been picked up then. 

But, in general, you don't pay a solicitor because you will necessarily always get the right advice (though they often get it right) - you pay because if they get it wrong you can sue them and they are covered by their professional indemnity insurance. So the advice to go to the first conveyancer is actually correct, if you try and sort out this mess yourself then you would end up footing the bill ..

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Title plans and lease plans are often poorly drawn with a thick line pen...the error in the article should be easily rectified given no doubt that it was not intended that the neighbour's title should include half their bedroom.  The serious issues arise when the intentions are not clear and can be disputed.

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