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Uk House Prices Rose By 0.1

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UK house prices up 0.1 pct in Jan from Dec - Hometrack

LONDON (AFX) - UK house prices rose by 0.1 pct over January, despite weaker

activity due to the Christmas and New Year period, a survey by property website

Hometrack showed.

The rise follows a 0.1 pct increase in December, which was the first rise in

18 months. Over the year to January, prices were 1.04 pct lower. The average

weighted house price now stands at 161,100 stg.


0.1%...great news I should sell all my shares and funds and buy a ...a house :lol: btw 2007 will be great year.. to buy a house

Edit..we are talking about 0.1%...200k a house 1% is 2K 0.1% is only £200.00 up. What kind of optimism is this?

"The pick up in activity levels and prices over the final quarter has created optimism that values will continue to rise slowly over the year ahead," said Richard Donnell, Hometrack director of research.


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Annoyingly, Hometrack have yet again sent out a press release but not put it on their website ... I guess we'll have to wait the usual few days before we can see the geographical breakdown (& the fact that there are some very weak markets outside London). :angry:

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Hometrack appears to be the least-Spun index

and the most up-to-date


I'd still like to see the details at the same time as the press.

Information on company shares has to be released publicly, at the same time to all, not selectively to eg. just the press. As housing is now seen as a financial instrument (affecting far more private individuals directly than equities) so I'd argue the same principle should apply.

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This is good good news as far as I can see. Whole bunch of properties whipped off the market tail end of last year, nothing selling, stalemate etc etc. "Let's wait until the market picks up next year".

1st month of New Year - Fantasy: asking prices up £2K in first week - reality in January: prices up 0.1%, transactions down 14%. No spring bounce for you, Mr Increasingly-Nervous-No-Profit-On-the-Rent-Relying-On-the-Capital-Appreciation-BTLer!! :lol::lol::lol:

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