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Many of the apartments have now been snapped up.

Bruce Banner

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37 minutes ago, Bruce Banner said:

Nazi holiday camp built by Hitler before World War 2 becomes luxury resort with apartments on sale for £500k

The original camp was intended to be used by workers in the Third Reich - and was said to be the Nazi leader's idea of a 'dream resort'


good luck getting a sunbed 

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6 hours ago, Bruce Banner said:

A bit of a non story really, the thing that caught my interest was the EAesque "Snapped up", which I copied and pasted as the thread title.

Journalists can't help themselves, a flat can't be "sold", it has to be "snapped up".

gawd, I so hate that expression.

"snapped up" - grrrrrrr

I'd like to see all the nasty little f**kers turned on by property riches abruptly and forcibly "snapped down"! :o

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5 hours ago, Bruce Banner said:

I've just noticed how close it is to Peenemunde, now that's somewhere I'd like to visit.

I went there in 2000.  It was wonderfully low key for such an important site; I doubt its like that now.  I loved the Island of Usedom, it was still very GDR even in 2000.  Peenemunde made me realise how far ahead the Germans were technologically back in the 1930-40's.

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