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Paradise papers leak


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Is not the Queen the Head of State in the Cayman islands ?

Presumably then not offshore for her.

I could not help noticing that the BBC essentially used the first item on  news program tonight to advertise their Panorama program on this topic.  So basically current affairs masquerading as news.

Events in KSA today (a real news item) rated barely a mention.


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8 hours ago, stormymonday_2011 said:

Events in KSA today (a real news item) rated barely a mention.

It tells a lot that a story already covered is released again with more spin whilst KSA issues are ignored. Real journalism has all but died. Manufacturing of news is what we are feed.

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1 hour ago, Sawitcoming said:

Anyone know where to get access to the papers? There are sites that allow you to search on the Panama Papers. Anything similar for this?


(not sure if yet fully updated with latest leak)

Edit: just re-read your question. Seems not.

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13 hours ago, mathschoc said:

The Queen (and Prince of Wales) have no legal obligation to pay income tax.  They pay a voluntary donation which is kept secret.

There was a "memorandum of understanding" re taxation of the royals which was renewed as recently as 2013.

So publicising the Queen in this way can only be a distraction from those whom we should be looking at.

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