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Housesitters by the 100’s of thousands pay annual membership fees to online house sitting sites. This is based on the lure of a luxury house sit they will never get!

A beach house or chocolate box cottage picture is the housesitting sites hook. As the potential housesittee; you are led to believe that all you have to do to spend a cost free week in one of these idyllic homes is to feed and walk the adorable Labrador along the beach or across the fields and pay an annual membership fee.

However in reality only the lucky few get the chance. From experience the actual chances of getting a luxury housesit is as likely as being invited to spend the weekend being wined and dined on the housitting sites owners luxury yacht.

It does appear that 100’s of thousands of people are paying an annual fee of up to £80 lured in by a luxury housesit already gone. Even if you are available for next time the owner goes away, you’ve got 1 in 1’000 chance.

This industry  should be regularised; with the housitting company made to show the amount of applicants on their books for each sit.

A fairer way would be to scrap or cap annual membership fees to £10 with only a  success fee paid by the successful applicant on being chosen.

Without this type of fee structure, transparency or regulisation of this industry 100’s of thousands of people will continue to be sucked into the housesiiting scam.

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Well, Mr 5 post wonder, I'll bite:


And if the site instead gave out uniquely numbered tickets for each £80 membership fee, and then picked the house sitter by drawing the winning ticket's number from a tombola drum, how would that differ from an illegal lottery?

Do you have to submit a CV (so that they might then claim it to be some kind of skill based award)?

And if so, what a brilliant way to get hold of personal details.

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I know a couple that have been selected numerous times to house sit in the London area.  

I am guessing that there maybe some people signing up that no house owner will choose, maybe they could be politely told not to sign up.

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Refund their money.

This will never happen. The whole business is based on signing up people with no chance of getting a housesit.

There are a select few that get the house sits.

However, there are thousand of people being scammed like these people that were never going to get a housesit. You can be quite normal and have no chance of a housesit. 

Does anyone know the ratio/odds of people signed up to these sites compared to the actual housesits available?

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