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So i viewed the following house in Bolton


Bolton is not my preferred area, though this place caught my eye and is a nice enough house, but the pictures are about 10 years out of date.

It's also leasehold, though it's a 1,000 year lease from 1900 and the only condition is that it's not used as a pub, which might move trade from the pub next door.  Also, 3 bed is being really generous. The third bedroom is not big enough for a bed and the ability to open the door. The cellar mentioned is not big enough to stand up if you're taller than 4.5 feet - so it's another loft storage as far as i'm concerned and certainly not worth being a selling point. 

This house was built in 1580 apparently and was the local pub for some time. This might explain the lease condition. incidentally, i had a pint in the 'bowling green' pub next door after the viewing and have to say that it is a great pub! 

Even so, i only recently moved to the north and cannot quite get over the general acceptance of historical leasehold houses. I'm from the south and there (although they are overpriced) an old house is always freehold and flats are leasehold. An old house that is leasehold just does not happen (at least not within my search parameters) and It's just something i always took for granted but now have to adapt when viewing houses around Manchester.

Anyways, I didn't bid on this house as the starting bid was '£150,000', which i felt was steep for what is basically a 2 bed house in Ainsworth with generous storage space. They emailed me afterwards saying that the existing 'bids' hadn't met the reserve and would i like to submit a counter-bid? I declined :) Paying 6k auction costs for buying an overpriced 2 bed in Bolton just left a bitter taste in my mouth. 

The open day consisted of 3 people: me, a nosey old lady, and a typical developer who probably just likes open days as a Saturday hobby :) I spent the afternoon in the 'bowling green' pub quizzing the locals on the house and landlord. Oh boy is he in the s****! Now lives in Spain and been trying to sell for 9 years. Last tenant kicked out in December 2016 as he wrecked the place and parties every night. Likely not paying rent is the real reason he was evicted i suspect as the pub is the only neighbour.

Empty for 1 year. What's the landlord gonna do? Drop price or try to rent again? or just keep empty? There's literally no furniture there and the carpets will need changing if he wanted to rent as there's some concerning stains. Window is broken too and patched up with chipboard. It's been re-listed as an online auction if you fancy taking it off his hands ;) 

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You have definitely dodged a bullet with that one. It's not a good area and regularly features in Bolton News crime stores. The only reasonably good areas close to Bolton are about 1 mile west of the town centre. There are also semi rural areas to the north between Bolton, Chorley and Darwen that are nice but commuting from them would be no fun.

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