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Midlands growth - HS2 or flight?


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While the London market has seen better times, the Midlands market seems to be fine, with a 4-5% growth year on year (depending on areas).


Do you think this is due to the (yet to be seen) HS2 thing or is it because people are moving away from London? (see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-37385265 as well)

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If it is HS2 that really illustrates how effed up the country is, implying that the appeal is to be in London and we'll go to all that trouble, bulldozing a godawful mess through the country in the process, just so we can live a long way from London and still get there a bit quicker. We'd be better off slowing stuff down and thus reducing centralisation, so jobs have to move to where people are and not go to completely ludicrous extremes (which high speed rail is) to do the reverse, but alas that'll never run in this ridiculous world.

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