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Government will borrow billions to build hundreds of thousands of new homes, minister hints

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more houses are always better. Drive down the cost of houses for sale by flooding the market (one can dream)

as for actually buying anything built in the last 15 years.... for me... no way in hell.

logically they would work out average incomes and build where this is out of whack. They wont do that of course, they will see the north as 'undervalued' to start with (dispite the average house being many times more expensive than it should be for the average working person).

They might sprew a few houses around the south-east, but it wont be enough to make a dent. 

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You can't base your economic growth on the growth of people and not provide housing for them.....everything has its good side and problem side.....some have only gained from it, some have only paid the price, the rest a bit of both.

When single people move here they will one day if they stay have families, families require homes, this was not something that suddenly happened, it was ignored because some people were gaining from it thank you very much....now it has come to a head, can no longer be ignored, swept under the carpet.....now there for everyone to clearly see and needs to be dealt with......action not words.;)

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The UK economy still needs around £140bn/yr in outside money and 0% interest rates just to keep it from contracting.

2008 National Debt = £400bn

2017 National Debt = £1.8tn

Govt has been able to temporarily disguise the amount it's borrowing by using helicopter money from the Bank (via the TFS) rather than Treasury debt but that has a 4yr term and will also have to be renewed.

So how sustainable is borrowing 7-8% of your economy every year?

We're about to find out.





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Simply throwing money at housing problem is not going to solve it

SAJID JAVID is right to claim that a lack of affordable housing is “one of the biggest barriers to social progress” in the country today. He is right to flag up a need for some new thinking, and having constantly argued against increased borrowing as part of a wider programme of austerity, it is interesting that the Government seems to be changing tack. However, simply throwing money at the problem is not going to solve it. There is a need for a much wider review of housing policy, with more power being delegated to the local level. A “one size fits all” policy will not address some of the localised issues that are proving so problematic. Instead, the limited devolution that was agreed when the Government created combined authorities, should be broadened in scope. Regional authorities should have much greater power when it comes to devising a housing investment policy that suits their needs. That might mean building more affordable houses in some areas. But it could mean making better use of the existing housing stock in others. thenorthernecho


Interesting point, definitely London and south east have different housing problems than other UK locality.

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Magic money tree, Venezuela, back to da 70s etc...

Oh sorry it’s the stewards of fiscal responsibility the Tories borrowing more, not Labour. That makes it ok then.

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