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Borrow more to build more

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Borrowing from banks who will lend us back our own taxes that were used to bail them out?

The Loyds slo-mo horse advert with fat boy slims "We've come a long long way etc" tune gives me a vivid image of Anthony Hopkins Silence of the Lambs style singing this in admiration to a tied up victim in the basement.

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Ukgov does not need to borrow more to build.

Ukgov borrows and spends more than enough.

Ukgov is p1ssing billions away on paying uk and eu dossers to pretend to work for 16h.

Stop giving housing benefit to non uk nationals. Stop all benefits to non uk nationals from outside of eu. Thatll give a few billions to import a load of german and polish builders.

Stop paying people to do fuxall.

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2 hours ago, A third of everything said:


A plea to the BOE to keep rates low at the next meeting, under the excuse of correcting the crisis? It's been 10 years and at the first sign of a rate rise this... am I skeptical or is this a pitiful attempt 

Makes me wonder if they're expecting the Q3 GDP print to be negative??

We need to get Nobsore and Cambo back, tell us how effective the austerity program has been at paying down the debt. :lol:



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