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Chemical attack scares on motorways

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What do you think about these motorways getting closed due to chemical attacks? (more accurately someone leaving chemicals on the motorway and then calling in a bomb warning)



On the terrorist side, it is actually pretty good, not much effort needed for a massive disruption.  The terrorists could probably cause even more disruptive if they left the chemical in a better location, and called in the bomb scare for a time of maximum disruption (not 4am on a Saturday morning).


If/when the perpitrator is caught, the punishment will be derisory compared to if they had actually handled a real bomb.


The point I wanted to make with this post is the terrorists can do a lot of economic damage with little effort, and not even that much risk.


It is a bit hard to defend against these things, if you have people wondering the streets with opinions that are the exact opposite of western values, that want to make a statement.

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The amazing thing is that the scumbags haven't been doing stuff like this for years. The only way to secure a relatively open society is to keep the scumbags out of it.

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