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Uber Ban: Liberal, Progressive Londoners Put a Price on Social Justice

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Somebody isn't being upfront about their motives in banning Uber from the Capital. Or, for that matter, in calling for uber not to be banned.

TfL (Transport for London) claim it's a safety issue, a view 'backed up' by their 'boss' (well, he's the absolute ruler of London as mayor), Sadiq Khan.

But Londoners won't accept this excuse.

Nor should they. Lefty Sadiq and his mates in the RMT have been on Uber's case ever since the taxi-hailing app started putting London cabbies out of business. His ban is just the latest attempt to shore up workers' rights in the face of an overwhelming assault by the gig-economy.

And I suspect Londoners are all too aware of this. But they've grown accustomed to cheaper cab fares and rather like them. And they like them whether or not Uber need to be a bit exploitative to achieve those low fares.


But can Londoners really be expected to call Sadiq and his mates out on what is after all an inconvenient truth? Arguing that women are safer in ubers than on night buses is safe ground for London's, liberal, progressive, egalitarian, social-justice warriors. Arguing that worrkers' rights are worth sacrificing in exchange for cheap cab rides, quite another.


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