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By the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone... to Support Mortage Interest!

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I stumbled across these submissions to the Labour Party Policy Forum:

Conservative plot to make SMI (Support For Mortgage Interest) Benefit into a Loan.

Urgent reminder please Labour! You need to urgently get a Uturn on a policy affecting vulnerable homeowners. Please see previous posts on SMI (Support For Mortgage Interest).


Making any benefit, that is critical for those vulnerable affected is not only a callous act, but will cause homes to be lost.

SMI (Support For Mortgage Interest) Benefit is a small gesture. Whereas tenants who can't work or earn enough get most of rent paid for them, which then pays multi property owning landlord's mortgages, the vulnerable homeowners on SMI, merely get a pittance towards keeping the roof over their head. SMI pays approx average £100 - £200 per month invariably towards a little bit of interest, paid directly to bank/ lender. They then have to pay the large shortfall, every month out of other benefits. This is extreme hardship already, but then Tories now want to remove this benefit, placing a Court Charge on private house deeds, to recoup what is presently benefit, with interest and fees. This means growing debt for those poor recipients. It means they can't pay down mortgages, they can't move, sell without the debt being settled. Or as Tories say, pay on death, ie the heirs can pay the debt. This is disgusting! This must be stopped! There is no doubt about it.

It is already unfair as they don't get payment levels that tenants do, meaning tenants can utilise other benefits for the purpose meant, ie to live on. SMI claimants who don't want Tory Gov loan and growing debt will lose homes and they can't simply go and rent either, due to rules but it i unfair that sick or disabled or elderly if relevant should have to face that upheaval due to discriminatory policy! Please stop this now!

Oh the humanity.

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Oh dear - hope Labour do not take that to heart; I am all for a more big-government approach to help sort out inequality, but the government paying people's mortgages?  Oh no..

Government cannot step and attempt to solve all problems, its simply not possible.  If your circumstances change and you end up in the shitty position of not being able to pay your mortgage then I have sympathy (and for grace of god go I if I ever do buy) but government cannot fix that.

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