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UK Government wants to know where I am

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So I got a letter from the bank asking where I was Tax Residence (living in Germany), now I have left my UK accounts as they were when I left. No dodgy business going on.

Why the after all these years does the UK Government want to know where I am. Can I just ignore the letter ?

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Standard now I think. I got one recently. Deadline to reply was end Oct. I replied to say I was living in France ... just like I TOLD THE BANK (I was going to France) before I left.  So they should know, having my address here etc?! But still they send out the forms and I was supposed to fill them in and post back. Which I did. Then I got a 2nd lot of forms ... reminding me to reply before end Oct. Same day as I got a letter saying "thank you for returning your completed form" and which specified I was tax resident in ... the UK. I supposed that just means any UK arising income (n theory) would be taxable? But I was properly confused having offered evidence that I am a tax payer in France and do not live in (nor visit) the UK anymore. Which made me wonder what was the point in asking me where I am tax resident if I say "France" and they then say "UK"? I phoned the help line provided ... waste of time. The chap knew nothing (about tax) and could only suggest I phone HMRC if I needed to have my tax situation clarified. (As if!) I already know I am fine with HMRC. So none of this paper-filling made any sense. Got mad then decided to just leave it.  Very confusing! I think they just need to ask for some reason. But I was expecting them to say "yes, it seems you are tax resident in France ... as you told us you would be". Would be interested to see what letter you will get back!      

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I've received two of these asking me to reply within 30 days. First one arrived 28 days after it was sent, second one arrived 40 days after it was sent. Since I replied to the first one, I've no idea whether they really want me to send them exactly the same information again, or whether it just weeks to get back to them.

Completely useless, the lot of them.

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