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Sancho Panza

Landlords want rent payments included in tenants credit histories

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19 hours ago, durhamborn said:

Our local EA is the most corrupt woman iv ever known.When she started the business her husband funded most of the houses they bought to let from his sniff business.She used to value houses way under the price when she knew the people were desperate,or not very bright.Perhaps a single mother on an estate with a house that was probs worth £60k,she would say youl be lucky to sell this blah blah,but i might know an investor who would give you £40k.Of course the investor was her hubby.She bought up dozens of houses like this.When my brother was getting done over by his ex i asked her to value his house as low as possible.I knew her well and she valued it at about 60% of its value.Their solicitor then sent another valuer who she knew.I said to her he will value it much higher,she said he wont dont worry he is bad to get me in bed i know how to handle it.Value came back a grand less than hers :lol:.My brother ended up only paying £2k to his ex.I actually used her to sell a relations house,even then she couldnt help herself ,filling forms in bent over the table,low cut top,come to bed eyes etc,trying to say it was worth £70k.I reminded her i knew her very well and she just laughed and said yeah we should get £105k for it.Never ever trust an EA .

For some reason, a number of your posts make me feel a bit, I don't know, dirty. I get you are 'playing them at their own game' and manipulating the system to your own advantage. And we don't know the full story. I am not sure I would want to be on the other side of a deal you were involved in (which in this modern cut throat corporate world we live in you can take as a compliment).

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3 hours ago, wotsthat said:


And I would like to see there criminal records or non hopefully or have various parties from agents to tenants or anyone  involved with that landlord to be able to do a CRB check on them

That's an excellent point.Transparency is a two way street.

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