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My mumsnet alter ego

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Someone's just directed me to this mumsnet thread:



"Good evening folks. Longtime lurker here but I've finally decided to signup as I'm really after some advice on my current situation. I've been renting for a longtime now (longer than I really want to remember to be honest) however since I left college 15 years ago I've been in and out of menial work placements and unable to save much deposit. Whatever money I've had mostly went towards my bedsit and bills, but over the years I've managed to put aside just over £5000. The predicament that I am currently in is that I've now had an altercation with my landlord. Without going into too much detail, I'd been out drinking most of Monday, so admittedly I was slightly the worse for wear, when I bumped into the landlord on the stairs. We had a bit of a frank heated discussion (I'd rather not say what it was about) which has resulted him in serving me notice earlier today. Anyway, what I'd like to know is if people think that my deposit will be enough to put towards my own 1 bedder (I'm in Luton) or whether or not I should just bide my time and rent again? I don't have much financial knowledge, so please don't bombard me with figures. I'd just like to know what you would do in my current pickle. TIA"


it's pretty funny but someone's upset those poor laddies and they are out for revenge.


I can assure folk that Luton is not in Northamptonshire and i can only dream of having 5000 to waste on a pwopatee investment.

I've never dabbled in bit coin but I sincerly wish I'd bough that £1000s worth in 2011 that I thought about, would be worth 10Billion now :-( 

My landlord is a gem, not all landlords are over levered morons.

This sort of parody is a clear indication how scared someone is, got to pity the greatest fool I guess ( unless you're venger ).


I wonder if it's been done by the same pwopatee investor who outed me as some poor bloke.

Actually thinking about it, it's pretty sinister doing stuff like that.  

The police might be getting a call.

lastly, I dont mind mumsnet, it's a fountain of knowledge on womans stuff and babies/children, pwopatee not so much and I never post on there. 

They dont need to come on here and tell me I'm wrong, I mean, I dont go round to where they work and tell them how to hold the bog brush.

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The strange thing is the o.p. has been so subtle about it that non of the respondendents actually realise its a parody and have given genuine and helpful replies!


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The fact that all the replies are genuine and they offer the o.p. advice and guidance rather than recognising it for the joke that it is, just shows the level of intelligence (as far as property is concerned at least) that your typical mumsnetter has 

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11 hours ago, leonardratso said:

but the guys interacting with the thread and making it flow like its genuine.

It may just be a coincidence you know.

(although i highly doubt it hahaha).

It does seem to be rather staged :lol: 

Fair play to them tho, it did make me laugh.

I am flattered they took so much time out of their day to pretend to be someone they must hate.

They've not thought this through :lol: 


C'mon, who did it, be a man and own up ?

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On 18/08/2017 at 1:39 PM, rantnrave said:

Page down at the link - under investigation apparently.

Shame - fancied having a read of that.

Someone musta reported it, that's even funnier :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

A real shame, I quite like having an alter ego.

I feel like someone really important now.

I probably have stalkers and all sorts that I dont know about.

If anyone would like a signed copy of a photo them please PM me. 

or you can just print it off yourself.






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