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India says no to driverless cars to protect jobs

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Given the state of India's road system I doubt driverless cars are much of a threat to their jobs, even if they can be made to work in other places- but I wanted to post this to mark the first time I have seen any real political pushback against Artificial intelligence in any form. Untill now the universal consensus among the worlds ruling elite has been that AI is always and everywhere a good thing.

So to have an official goverment spokesman of a major state like India come out against it on the basis of protecting jobs is-I think- an interesting development. At the very least it suggests some unease is creeping in about the social and political consequnces of AI.

The irony is that it's not self driving cars the Indian Goverment should be worried about, it's the people who work in call centres and the other offshored service jobs that are most under threat from software 'bots' that will soon be capable of taking on much of the routine service tasks currently performed by humans.

So- unless anyone can cite an even earlier example- I think we can claim this statement by India's transport minister represents the first stirring of resistance toward Artificial Intelligence at the official level. So in  decades to come if you ever find yourself being hunted through the ruins of civilisation by intelligent robots armed with laser guns you can at least take comfort from the fact that you were witness to the first overt signs of human rebellion against the machines:D



India is resisting the push towards driverless cars in order to protect jobs, its transport minister has said.

Nitin Gadkari said the government would "not allow any technology that takes away jobs".

However, he did not rule out the idea of a future change of policy.

"Maybe some years down the line we won't be able to ignore it, but as of now, we shouldn't allow it," he added.

Inderpreet Kaur, an analyst at research firm Ovum said: "The ministry has cited job losses as a reason behind banning autonomous cars in India, a bigger challenge would be to have ready infrastructure for these self-driving cars."



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I recently had to make 3 seperate complaints to talktalk, & insisted on a reply in writing, saying not to phone me.

 They did not provide it, but drove me mad by gettign a  call centre (Indian i think ) phoning me 20 times !

I now wonder if this is a job protection scheme, or just a deniabilty device .


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I'd love to see a driverless car attempt to drive in India !!!!

It'd need a special "beep your horn ever 5 seconds" mode.

and a "chicken" mode.

would also need a "run over the Shudras ( lower classes )  if they cant get out the way" mode and lastly

would also need remote operation for cops to stop your car and just get in to save themselves a walk.

Driver-less cars in India, funny, they already have them.

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