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Eveing all... quiet in here!

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Its been a while!


My PM status at the moment... shifted most of my PMs at about break even point with the exception of a few bits for the kids an a tube of maples.

Thinking of putting a few bits aside again, still love silver but still think gold may be a better long term; would a handful of sovs  or a tube of maples be a very bad thing at the moment?

Its either this, an isa or a luxury watch!


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On 29/09/2019 at 19:21, Quiet Guy said:

It's almost spooky how quiet it is now.
In previous times, the recent movements in gold prices would have resulted in a lot of comments from the metal bugs.
So what's changed?

Hope you took that as a sign to buy. 
metal bugs dying out / still holding since pre 2011... new ones haven’t heard about the game yet ? 

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