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Bury St Edmunds New Builds Going Down

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I don’t know St James terrace – is it a good area as you can get some nice semi-detached houses from £200000 around bury

They have priced it so no one will pay more that the £250000 stamp duty.

I reckon that the builders are small time developers with all there money tied up in this investment as they are as you say looking desperate

They are nice houses (if you like modern boxes with no garden) but would a FTB’er really be able to afford it? If you had already owned a flat and wanted a house would this be a good move, as I would have thought there are better.

I plan to move (after the crash) to bury St Edmunds or Sudbury (or somewhere in-between) and I thought the prices in bury were reasonable but the only house I viewed there sold in one week

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I reckon your right – they have aimed for BTL’ers – miss timed the market and have no one to sell to.

It would make a good BTL – shame!

How low will they go? A quick look on rightmove and I would be surprised if they got the £200000 + but you know the area

Do you know the road / post code (are they on rightmove it would be nice to see room sizes)– then we can place our estimated sale prices and check them on netprice when (if) sold

I am going to go for a total of £680000 as I reckon they will all go to auction at the end of summer

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News from down the A14

here's some town houses that are not selling in Cambridge within 5 mins walk of the station and thus less than an hour from Kings Cross


About the same size as the town houses in this post, but Twigden want about twice as much for them.

Agree with the comments above about who would want to live in them. Too expensive for BTL, u/s for retirees, gardens too small for families.



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That’s just not enough to get people interested – what they should do is at least get some friends to put in offers on two of them so it feels like there is some interest

I think they have done that here – there are 2 new houses and before they were finished 1 was sold – it’s still not completed and you would think that if it was sold they would have finished the drive and fence.

Anyway you had better rush or you won’t get your pick out of 4 – do you still think that they will get £230000 +

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Resurrecting a very old thread. Apologies.

The terrace of 4 houses were never sold back in 2005. The builders let them out instead.

They're now having another go at selling plot 1 (end of terrace). The asking price? OIEO £250K - in otherwords, £250K.

Having another go after 3 years.

Perhaps my prediction will turn out correct after all. Remember, they were trying to sell these places for £300K three years ago.

OIEO (offers in excess of) GBP 249,995!!!

Well the stamp duty threshold is 250k. That's 5 quid more.

What are they expecting? Is the government thinking of a stamp duty holiday? Or am I just feeling ironic?

Nice to see an old thread. Ta.

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