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The Guardians adice to would-be ftb

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15 minutes ago, houseface2000 said:



They quote emov as valid research and a reason to buy a flat in London, please god

It's interesting they devalue a strong academic opinion from LSE (I think).

There's a problem when academics, like say Mary Beard, or academic anti brexiters, politicise themselves and devalue their own work; it reflects on the whole of academia and so a flash harry website entrepreneur can get his opinion promoted over an economist.

However, academic economics got it plain wrong over the credit crunch and brexit, so again doesn't have much defence.

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some research by eMoov.co.uk, suggests that you wouldn’t be out of pocket in five years’ time and unable to sell for a reasonable price. 

Will they underwrite and guarantee this claim?


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"Recent claims – made by Paul Cheshire, professor of economic geography at the London School of Economics – of an impending crash and a 40% fall in property values are “quite frankly outrageously unrealistic” according to Russell Quirk, founder and chief executive of online estate agent, eMoov.co.uk"

Turkey declares stated risks of Christmas are overblown .... Gobble. Gobble!

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4 hours ago, Wayward said:

Advice - learn to survive on beans because you are going to be poor for the rest of your life.

Throw in some curry powder and it's not too bad once you get over the initial bloating/flatulence stage.

Tbf beans are 25p a can for 300ish calories. Bread is 36p a loaf for 2000 calories. Although the lack of protein in bread is a long term issue. Maybe treat yourself to a bottle of reduced price milk or yogurt when you find one.


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The cost of buying and selling can be considerable as can small percentage fall in the value of a home. What shocked me most is rubbishing and lse professor and taking wussell from emovzzz pwoperdie as gospel 

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