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Channel 4: Get a House for Free

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This should be carnage. Tuesday night a benevolent landlord literally 'lords' it over poor people to give away a £120k house from his £25m portfolio. 

Also to do it on national tv, in an almost X Factor type format just illustrates the modesty of his 'charity'. 

Even if he crumbles and gives a house to all contestants....I don't see him coming out of this very well. 

Guardian comments makes me realise I may not be the only one with reservations about whether this is a good idea ?


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I foolishly clicked on the property tribes link - good ol' Vanessa is a real peach - 'I have actually had the pleasure of working with Rod on a TV project and filmed some interviews with him at the Dorchester'. Utter waste of skin.

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1 minute ago, thewig said:

Tellies tell lies.


Stop watching the mind rot, it'll be the best thing you'll have ever done.


Thats pretty much exactly what the bread knife has just said.

So many state benefits, support and opportunities available to the 18yo girl.



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Although I'm finding it difficult to watch this utter ego grasping moron of a landlord giving his house away "for charidee", I couldn't help but point out the hypocrisy in this statement:-

"There's so many people just like her - hundreds of thousands in fact - that will never have the chance of saving a deposit to buy a house because they're stuck in rental accommodation because nobody can afford to buy a house because of supply & demand"


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