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My parents will be happy, an identical house (type/size) just sold round the corner from them for £50k more than the last did 2-3 years ago. Theirs is going up on the market soon as they downsize. I'll tell them the wonderful news...

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1 hour ago, TheCountOfNowhere said:


Not at all im one of the mugs who has spent over of a decade saving. I'd be buying with debased sweat and hard work and would be borrowing roughly 1.5 time UK average salary from my brother.

I do hope to buy outright as close to 200k should at least be able to get a 3 bed semi in the suburbs, only reason it doesn't is because Cameron, Gidiot, Hammond and the Tory party decided it shouldn't and got their Canadian gimp at the BOE to make sure of it.


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The HMO I used to live in sold for 156,000. To some guy from London whose going to wake up very sore the morning after he realises he's paid double what it's worth as a normal house and the Romanians 'living' there now are going to get in their old bangers and drive home without ever paying any rent as soon as the Brexit hits home. 

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For May and June 3 freehold houses in my postcode area have experienced real price drops.

1 leasehold flat in that area has actually gone down in price:

31 Tolye Rd, NR5 9PR. Sold in May 2017 for £128k. Sold as a new build in Oct 2007 for £129,950. Nominal price drop of 1.5%, real price drop of 24.3%.

Leasehold Flats seem particularly volatile.


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