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15 hours ago, Thorn said:

I didn't expect to see this-

Bangor Spectator free paper- the Extra- has an article today about 2/3 through reporting that despite more transactions, houses are selling for 10% less in North Down from Q1 to Q2 2017.

Not the usual HPI ramping sort of stuff the NIrish papers usually put out...

when prices were falling (which they did for years) there was plenty of both good and poor articles on falling prices. I think in general the media are now more careful in just reporting the facts of what ever report has been released. 

I have no doubt we will see stories on falling prices in London reported as if its happening here when the time comes. I put that down to laziness more than anything.

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You could lump all reports together that way if you wanted, and say why believe anyone. I'm more interested in trying to get through the patter of VIs and HPI rampers and into the facts so this is a very useful analysis of fact.

in this specific case they are just reporting the Ulster University's Quarterly House Price Index Report.

It is fairly specific regarding the drop in North Down compared with Q1, the average there has lost  more than £9000 in this quarter. That's a loss of one twentieth of their value in 3 months. That's a lot less months of salary or wages people now don't have to save for after tax to get a deposit together for shelter.

It is also useful because it analyses specifically that more than half of house sales in NIreland are now terraces or semis and increasing numbers of townhouses.

Extremely useful for anyone thinking about buying, now that we know that they have fallen so much in the last 3 months already...wonder how far more they will "tumble" (to use a word from the article).

I think it's great  to see an article that bypasses Estate Agent patter.


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