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Documentary series about the realities of renting looking for participants


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Hello. We are making a documentary series about the rental market and are interested in hearing tenants’ and landlords’ experiences – good and bad. We are looking for people who are interested in taking part in a social experiment where landlords and tenants experience renting through each other’s eyes. Please email us on [email protected]  or 07393 554846  

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I'm not sure how it would be possible to experience it through each other's eyes. Landlords who have several properties cannot truly experience the horror of homelessness through retaliatory eviction.

Nor do I think anybody wants to see how rentier scum enjoy themselves. The life of a landlord is pretty narrow: obtain property, paint over mould, put on market, tell potential tenant a load of lies, take a load of money in exchange for keys and some paperwork, establish yourself as the boss, evict them when they won't do as they're told, put property back on market, repeat ad nauseum.

It's not equal; as if landlords and tenants are two sides in a conflict. The market is rigged and landlords hold the power. Since lots of MPs are landlords little will change. Like Plimsoll and his fight for regulation years ago in shipping, this was resisted because the MPs of his day were heavily invested in it. It'll take a nationwide united tenant protest or campaign like we had in the  1920s to force changes before anybody will be able to live in dignity as a tenant in this country again.

You can help by making the documentary from the tenants' point of view since that is the viewpoint that is frequently missing from most media. Give tenants some encouragement to stand up for themselves. And we might just see some change.

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You would have to somehow take away my LL's mobility somehow, give him a neurological disease and then cancer to put him into my position. I'm not sure how this could be done. Make him pack up and move home frequently, have the house sold from under him, cope with trying to get access to medical care in new areas etc.

It would be interesting but this is a drip, drip horror going on for years and longer now. 

Any tenant that takes part runs the risk of their LL simply evicting them at the first opportunity and future LL's choosing not to rent to them. 




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