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Buying a wreck in the English countryside?

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Do smaller country houses in serious disrepair ever come on the market in the England?

I am talking along the lines of Spanish fincas or those renovation projects in France that are totally uninhabitable in their current condition (only the 'mad' English would buy!)

Could be interesting as in theory you could live in a mobile or motorhome on the land while you 'slowly' renovate. I believe the time span is pretty much limitless too. 

I appreciate there would be no bargains as land with any sort of residential status is never cheap.

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I once took a look at some land for sale advertised as 'No planning permission possible'. There was the remains of a rather large house. What was left of the walls varied between ankle and chest height.

Do you need planning permission to 'repair' such a house?

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A friend of mine purchased a dilapidated bungalow out near Ross on Wye for about 100k cash. He then spent about two years living in a van and renovating it to a beautiful standard. All in i think he spent 160k including purchase but is super handy and did tonnes of work himself. 

He's my age, early 30s, and has no mortgage. Lucky sod!

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Ross on Wye is a pretty cheap area anyway. I'd imagine you'd get quite a bit for £160k.

Still, that's a good story. 

If the land had residential use then I cannot see why a council busy-body would be bothered if you were living in a mobile home. Surely you can stick two fingers up at them.

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