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Predictions for next 10 years (thick brush strokes)

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Feel free to chime in with your ones. Here's mine:

Rise of evangelical, us-inspired Christianity in uk; death of liberal Anglicanism

Continued fragmentation of political system, with anti-politics groups concentrating on influence of central banks

Coalition between regionalist, right parties – lega nord, five star, ukip, front national, with backing of trump and putin

UK and US higher education bubbles burst

Rising rejection of political correctness, new movements at grassroots which take pride in European identity like newly formed scouts movements

Eastern Europe to become a major factor in European politics, will force a reform of the EU to rescind freedom of movement

China to undergo a social revolution, with Christianity being a major factor

Rise of anti-feminism, backed by women who see they have worst, more stressful and unfulfilling lives than their grandmothers

Legislation which reverses the 1960s permissive society, especially no-fault divorce. Introduction of tax credits for westerners to reproduce

A violent political revolution somewhere in the West, perhaps England, on the back of a massive HPC (had to get that one in there!)

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Here are mine;

  • Move towards the gradual phasing out of cash, at the same time huge rise in the use/popularity of digital currencies.
  • Huge increase in the use of blockchain technologies in various areas of society.
  • Self-driving cars will become ubiquitous.
  • Some form of UBI will be introduced in the West.
  • The "hacking" of the legal system/society using new technologies so that laws/police will become pretty toothless and people will find ways around them (e.g. the darknet/bitcoin/Tor/VPNs etc).
  • Revolution in medicine - use of nanobots etc and possibly a cure for cancer.
  • Massive political upheaval. I agree with your points and think there will be a major pushback against the last 50 years and we will see a big rise in Nationalism/possibly the rise of Christian fundamentalists etc.


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DC/ Warner Bros will make a good super hero movie, but it will be too late as the movie industy will have moved on from superhero films due to Marvel/Disney flooding the market to over saturation.



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