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First of all, I have nothing against buying. If we could purchase the house we’ve been living in since 2003 (apparently the year before I joined HPC, though I was here before the first big revamp, when we had to re-register), we would in a heartbeat: it’s our dream house. But it is not, and we have been told never will be, put up for sale. Besides, we couldn’t afford it if it was, modest pile of bricks that it is.

At any rate, we are buying it, sort of. We’re buying dreamtime.

14 years of perfect privacy – behind, paradoxically, a wall of glass – stunning sunsets, and reasonable convenience to London. 14 years growing ever closer to nature, which changed us in ways we never would have been imagined if we hadn’t been given the opportunity to live smack in the middle of it.


We used to live in London, also a rental, in the years straddling the millennium. A small but serviceable flat overlooking the Thames, across from the Globe Theatre (and down the hall from Martin Clunes, which is sadly the only name I can drop). It was a fantastic base from which to explore the city, a quiet oasis on weekends. It’s another place we couldn’t have afforded to buy.


While we’ve doubtless ‘killed’ a great deal of money on rent over the years, what we bought with it was quality of life.

I’m not going to lie. Sometimes we do wish we’d bought a long time ago; we’d be sitting better financially. We might yet, a compromise for a final phase of security, if the price is ever right.

I know how much renting sucks for so many people, in this country in particular, and apologise if this comes across as “I’m alright Jack” because we’ve managed to live in some great locations, including NYC with a view of the Statue of Liberty half a lifetime ago. My purpose in posting this is to raise three cheers for the humble renter’s lifestyle, which given the right circumstances, puts the rooted homeowner’s in the shade.


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Hi Happily renting,

Glad to hear you have had somewhere stable to live all this time.

Our experience has been very different with LL who have sold properties from under us. I've had had serious illnesses. 

I'm curious to know what you plan for your old age or disability.  Are you going to be able to pay the rent when you get to the point you cannot work?



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