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Press Release: The German Black-hole

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Dear HPC members,

The article is about the crash of real-estate funds in Germany:


The article defines the notion of real-estate black-hole.

You are more than welcome to translate the text into English (or any language) on HPC forum

and send the text to various newspapers.

This article can be printed in any media/newspaper or blog according to the

creative commons licence, citing my name as the principle author and providing

a link to www.bulle-immobiliere.org and www.housepricecrash.co.uk web sites.

Kind regards,

Jean-Michel Pouré


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Guest Charlie The Tramp

Here the first press release of our Internet site. It acts of my analysis of the German real crash. I encourage you to contact journalists to make publish this article. Thank you for your constant assistance and your support. You can publish this text under creative licence commons in any blog, magazine or newspaper of information, with the proviso of quoting me as author and of publishing the URL complete of our Internet site www.bulle-immobiliere.org. ***** Germany, a black hole of the real estate

A wind of panic blows in Germany on the market of the funds of real investment, which weigh nearly 90 billion euros. In France, the press published some alarming articles: - The World: In Germany, the rout of the real funds sows panic - Echoes: The crisis of the real funds worries Germany - France-Information: Wind of panic on the German real funds - The Platform: Scenario of crisis on the German real funds We think that this panic is due to the awakening of the existence of a situation of real deflation, for whom we invented the qualifier of "black hole of the real estate". This article clarifies the German situation under a new angle: Germany, a black hole of the real estate By analogy with astronomy, a hole of black of the real estate is an enormous mass of real capital taken with the trap, breaking down slowly on itself, aspiring the capital of the whole world, as attracted in an irresistible way towards it. The characteristic of a black hole is to be "undetectable" and "invisible".

To date, no economic analyst had detected the price collapse in Germany. Indeed, the economic surveys show a spectacular fall of the prices, but not a trend collapse towards zero. The freezing of the German funds real is the sign of a spectacular crisis of the real estate in Germany. When investors cannot sell the titles of real funds any more only they hold, the benefit to invest out of purse in the stone-paper values is lost. The shareholders of German real funds are the modern equivalent of the investors in the transibérien of before the Russian revolution. They are not taken with the trap of a gigantic investment, not having any more but of stone-paper to paper and decorate their dreams.

The news of the collapse of the German real funds calls into question our financial model. The decision to freeze the funds means that the real estate could, in the near future, to cease being an ultimate standard guaranteeing the debts and the currency of the Nations. This news is as important as the end of Or convertibility in 1971. Will the end of the standard-real estate cause an economic crisis? Just like the abandonment of the Gold Standard in 1971, the downgrading of the real estate as standard will not cause a recession. Today, the fundamental ones of the traditional economy remain: the men produce the richnesses which we consume. In the long run, only the companies have really value.

The Germans live in democracy, they will be always large people because they are workers and creative. The fall of the real price will not change large thing with their way of life. The crisis of the German real estate means that the real estate is a product like the others, subjected to the laws of supply and. The mechanisms of real deflation in Germany are known: in a country, whose population should pass from 80 million inhabitants to 50 million inhabitants during the century, the requirements in real estate are weak - even null if one considers only the number of residences. In certain areas, under the effect of the laws of supply and demand, the prices will be tendentially close to zero. However, because the Germans grow rich, they will continue to build many new residences, worsening the crisis of the real estate, which should extend gradually to all the country.

For Germany, the almost free real estate has many advantages: The fall of the prices of the real estate towards zero will increase the purchasing power of the households. In the near future, the Germans will have competitive advantages, because the German households will have less expenses than the French or English households, paralysed by the service of their real debts. The Internet, perfect information and equalize for all In Germany, one is with the current which the prices of the real estate dropped by 50% to 75% in the ten years space. But no serious economist had put forth the assumption of a durable depression, tie certain prices, in certain areas, worms of the almost null levels.

On the site of bubble-immobiliere.org, we are the only ones to have detected the first sales at almost null prices, carried out on Internet, illustrating the theory of the almost free real estate developed in the study of the real bubble. This characteristic makes our community a recognized think-tank. We are (or almost) to have only included/understood what occurred. How the crash did brutally start in Germany, in a practical way? Today, in Germany, of many companies put on sale real goods at almost free prices. These goods are visible on Internet of the whole world. One can see photographs and note that the prices are 100 times less low than in Paris or London. In certain cases, one can sell a room of good in Paris or a studio in London and buy several buildings in a large city, for example Berlin. We think that the sales of real goods at prices zero which currently take place in Germany, via Internet, were analyzed by the American funds of pension.

The American funds of pension invested in Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall. For more than 10 years, the investors have noted the fall of value of the real goods, as well as a trend fall of the rental incomes. Today, in Germany in demographic decrease, the funds of pension understood that there was not solution with the deflation of the real price in Germany - and concluded that it was to better sell to be likely all to lose.

The Internet is an innovator here, because it made it possible to discover the incredible descent of the prices towards zero. By using Internet, the actors of the market profit from one information to the source. Will the quasi-bankruptcy of the real funds start a financial cataclysm? One could think that the information of the quasi-bankruptcy of the German real estate should cause a financial cataclysm, because the real estate is not any more the blue-chip stock which it was formerly, before the German real crash. Out, the purses did not fall. Normally, Deutsche Bank should already be in bankruptcy, under the effect of a wave of world distrust and important withdrawals. Out, it is not it and will not be it. Why? Because the real estate interests only the investors and crowd when the prices go up, not when the prices drop.

The real bubble rests on a series of myths completely burlesques and nobody is not unaware of that the prices are elevated in all the countries of Western Europe. When the real estate breaks down, nobody realizes there and especially nobody complains. The day of the German crash, certain values real with dimensions out of purse, investing in Eastern Europe, in countries in demographic decrease, strongly progressed. However, in the financial world, everyone knows the name of the values cargo liner which repurchase the real goods uninterrupted sans.valor. Are each day, a multitude of real goods bought, at prices as low as 10? by square meter to be then sold to investors English, American and French, happy to have been made notch. This practice of financial ships cargo liner was common during bubble Internet. One finds it in other forms during the real bubble. Certain speculators go even until buying corn fields in full shift to then make them dimension out of purse. But the financial consensus consists in making the ostrich.

Tomorrow, it will be investors enough animals to invest, with half price, in the German real funds. The day after tomorrow, i.e. in 2 years, these same investors will have understood that they can nothing draw from goods whose intrinséque value is of 10?/m2, with rents of 100? per month, as in Berlin. One thus should not await immediate financial cataclysm of this black hole. It is almost certain that this black hole of the real estate will continue to aspire the richnesses of the whole world and to destroy them, without noise and complaint. The next candidates with the black hole of the real estate are by order of importance Russia, Spain, Italy, Poland, Hungary - as many country in full demographic decrease, where the women ceased making children, where it is impossible to hope for the least profit in the long-term real estate. Cordially, Jean-Michel Pouré Stimulating of the site www.bulle-immobiliere.org _________________ Real Bubble - Myths and beliefs of the real estate

Jean-Michel Pouré


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The Internet, perfect information and equalize for all In Germany, one is with the current which the prices of the real estate dropped by 50% to 75% in the ten years space

But it could never happen in the UK right :lol:

I was in Hamburg Germany for 6 months last year and I didn’t see any signs of a struggling economy and left thinking how much better off they are then the sheep in britain.

Could be the crash had not reached Hamburg but this seems strange if we are to believe that the Germans have been in trouble since back in 2000.

German's don't like debt like we do

Bottom line is they are still a world leader when it comes to manufacturing and the people are well educated so I’ll take my chances in Germany long before I would in the UK.

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