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Grenfell Tower and the financialisation of the poor


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It goes against many of my prior ideals, I am forced to measure and reassess then, but the terrible tragedy of Grenfell Tower appears to me to be a tale of the Tory government obsessing about helping speculators and trust fund kids with htb London and lax regulation against money laundering, whilst turning a blind eye to the real housing crisis, and apparently wilfully allowing disgusting breaches of basic safety in unsexy everyday housing, to lead to the horrific deaths of working class families and children. Tell me I'm wrong.

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1 hour ago, Si1 said:

You're confusing two different issues. Those people still didn't deserve to be treated like that. It's f#cked up.

Are you arguing with yourself?

Aside from that, a terrible way for it to happen, but I suspect that this will be the wake-up call we need. That it should take what I suspect will be a death toll in the hundreds is shameful. If a lot of people don't end up going to prison for a very long time, I will be beyond angry.

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I read that the 2 beds were being rented for £1700 a month. HB paying a large part of that I imagine. There must've been plenty of BTL landlords with a stake in that block of flats. Safety wouldn't be their main priority.

Those who perished and others traumatised deserve a full inquest and prison sentences for the guilty.  I think K&C council and govt will be frantically trying to deflect from themselves in the coming days and weeks. The very fact that our PM couldn't bring herself to meet the residents today speaks volumes. She should be removed from her post asap. Not fit for purpose. 


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17 hours ago, Roman Roady said:

Well successive governments over the past 40 years have been more concerned with the needs of business than the needs of the electorate....cue Corbyn.

Yes. I don't see this as being a Tory issue. I would hold Blair, Brown and others equally responsible.

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