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Eleven years!


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Apparently, it has been 11 years since I last posted here. Does anyone remember me? Any old faces still around?


We are still renting, but now have a substantial deposit and are looking to buy in the next 12-18 months.


Just been reading a thread on Mumsnet (don't shoot me!) about the trials and tribulations of selling your property in the current climate. I'd say that most of them haven't been through a HPC before or it's a dim and distant memory. Plenty of 'The Cheek!', 'It's worth more than that' etc...etc...etc...


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I'd be interested to know what you've been doing in the 11-year hiatus  

Re the Mumsnet comment, I've just had to persuade my 90 year old mother to accept £150k for her house. She's moved in with my sister and her family. She wanted £160k originally, despite the EA saying it was worth £150 - £155k!  but it's been on the market at £160k for months with few viewings. I think she's lucky to have had such an offer. The house needs drastic modernisation including removal of dreaded artex, new kitchen, complete redecoration and the garden needs sorting out. 

Phew!  Offer accepted after two days of persuasive arguments. :blink:

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