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Help me understand whale wars.

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so i've been watching whale wars for a couple weeks. i was talking with some guys at work and we don't get it. normally i just watch bits and pieces and maybe i missed the answers to my questions in earlier episodes but maybe some of you could fill me in.
1. what is the point of throwing stink bombs and ruining the already dead whale meat, if your goal is to stop whaling and the whale is already been harpooned and is being cut up then well played japanese whalers. i don't see what the point is if its already dead.
2. what authority are these people working under. i know whaling is a gray area in terms of legality but who deputized a bunch of hippies to police these waters.
3. in the last episode some dude was talking about parachuting out of a helicopter and landing on a whaling ship. if i was this dude i would probably expect to be shot in the face upon landing. wouldn't that be an expected retaliation if some hippie that had been throwing stink bombs at you, and playing chicken with your ship parachuted onto your boat.
just curious. these are probably stupid questions but the whole premise of the show/sea shepards m.o. seems a little weird.

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They're there to disrupt and annoy the whalers; they can't shoot them so stink bombs is their alternative. They're hassling them in any 'non violent' way they can.

The Sea Shepherd is filled with total loon nut jobs. They do hold to their morals though, so I'll give them that.

I'd rather they got some rocket launchers and set the Nisha Mauru or whatever it's called to the bottom of the sea.

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