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Very Strange

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Very Odd, house near my end sold mid last year for £112,000 on Chesterton Avenue, Derby. We looked at the house to purchase for ourselves. We did not buy as we thought there was to much work to do it in the first place. The bathroom seemed to be untouched since the 1950's/60's, and it seemed it was never cleaned since then aswell. Advertised as four bedroom, but you had to walk through the bathroom to get to a bedroom. And two rooms were on the small side. Had no kitchen to speak of. Needed damp proofing definately. Decoration was atrocous. God only knows how the windows were held togethor, they were in very poor condition. The garden was small as the previous owner sold half the land to a neighour, do not know when. Fairly biggish concrete garage which is totally unnacessable, so used as big storage shed.

It was advertised as offers over £100,000. Indain family bought it and the renovation began fairly quickly. There was alot to do, and I do not think they finished renovating until October time. If I remember correctly they put the double glazed units in about Septemer time.

Here is the wierd thing, family never moved out. And the house supposedly sold in October for £150,000 on 07/10/2005.

Chesterton Avenue

We noticed a for sale sign go up in November for the house for £165,000. Type in DE23 1GS in rightmove. It is the only house for sale with this postcode.

For what I can see, it is the same family still living there. What could of happened is that they sold it to someone and agreed to rent it back from them until the house sold. I doubt it, So why register the sale to only sell to themselves? Could be that father sold to son, just to get realise the equity out of the house. Surely they would of got this if they just MEW'ed.

Why do I doubt they rented back from the purchaser. First of all I do not think the house was advertised to the public prior to October. Even if it was, houses do not turn around that quick around this area. At £150k, you could by a semi in Littleover / Mickleover which is a far superior area with better schooling. For example you could of got Rowley Gardens, Littleover, Derby, DE23, which is a detached house, far better area, whith an accesable garage, and a big garden for under £149,950.

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I'd love to know how all this works.

I am trying to buy a house at the minute. Nethouseprices has it as last sold in 2001 (or around then). But according to the legal documentation my solicitor received the owner bought in late 2004 (it was registered at the land registry then and it gives a price a fair bit higer than it's 2001 price). I asked my solicitor whether it was just a re-mortgage in 2004 but he said "no, if so it wouldn't have been re-registered". But why if it was re-registered was it not on nethouseprices as a sale?

None of this is as simple as it first appears!


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It may well have been a cash purchase (i.e. paid for by friends or overdraft) and then mortgaged when the house became mortgagably..

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Indain family bought it and the renovation began fairly quickly

That’s no surprise !

I once worked in the building trade and all I did for 5 years was renovations where the money came in the form of a grant from the Leicester City Council but it was always areas with a high amount of immigrants (highfields, Belgrave) that became housing action areas despite many other being poor (Half of Leicester) .

In all my years I worked on something like 1200 properties that had receiced a grant and yet the number that were owned by whites could be counted on two hands

It’s all a money for votes scam as most immigrants vote Labour, same type of thing goes on in Zimbabwe

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