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Android storage

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sorry, too lazy to do my own research. my phone says:


total Storage 8gb

total space 4.72gb

available 330mb


then a list of saved apps and data that amount to about  ~ 1.3 ~ 1.4gb


I'm guessing the operating system uses (8-4.72) =3.28 gb ?


Anyone able to reconcile the numbers for me? I probably need to buy an SD card.



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I'm same. Very annoying. Lots of apps don't allow a move to the SD card as well. Think you can get around this with some sort of hard reset type thing. 

If i could delete all the pish pointless apps i don't need that come with my phone i would be fine. 

Try clearing cache for chrome. It can be 100 meg plus easy. ****** knows what it stores. 

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Yes, my kids had 8GB Android tablets and I found these painful as I had to keep acting as a storage admin.

Steppenpig is correct in that the OS consumers capacity along with Apps and Data.

A few tricks I found:

1) Clear Application caches

2) Look out for deleted movies that haven't really cleared - though last time I found these I had to do a system reset as free up the storage failed.

3) Consider downloading FX [File Explorer] for Android, as this can help keep things tidy.

4) Move anything possible to an SD card, though Android isn't great for this.

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You can delete system apps if you root the phone. Kingo Root is free and has always worked for me, DYOR though obv. I found that being rooted stopped my Note 3 from updating itself to Android 5, but since it was working absolutely fine on 4.4 I wasn't worried.

Once rooted, you can use the free app Apps2SD to easily clear caches, delete system apps, and move apps to an SD card if you buy one.

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